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Welcome to Aeronautical Industrial Resources. We are a mobile repair team that provides our customers with quality, efficient and affordable workmanship through our qualified technicians. Our specialized crew will accomplish jobs normally deemed to large of a task for your facility. With minimal notice A.I.R. can arrive at a job site with personal tools in hand, ready to repair your aircraft in order to minimize your companies down time. A.I.R. is flexible to your companies needs, we can send a full team of expert technicians to complete any task 100% or we can assist your facility with 2 or more technical experts.

All A.I.R. mobile repair team members have approximately 20 years plus experience in their specific fields. A.I.R. technicians have worked together for several years on various projects which helps to minimize aircraft down time, due to team work and excellent communication.

Although A.I.R. has a wide range of experience on several aircraft types, a majority of our knowledge is aimed at Bombardier and DeHavilland products.

A.I.R. mobile repair team also offers a pre-buy inspection. This inspection allows areas on aircrafts to be identified which are prone to cracking and corrosion. The severity of dent mapping can also be identified to assist the customer to determine exactly what their company is purchasing.

A.I.R. technical support personnel that are Ontario, Canada residents are covered by us under the Workers Safety and Insurance Board. A.I.R. technical support personnel that are residents of a different province or country are covered under their own W.S.I.B. Location of facility is irrelevant.

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