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Welcome to the Agency section of Aeronautical Industrial Resources, also known as A.I.R.

A.I.R. is a technical support group for your growing business. We specialize in hiring sheet metal structures technicians, mechanical technicians, system and avionic technicians. A.I.R. technical support staffs that are supplied to customers are all personally known to us and have worked together for several years on various occasions. This allows a friendly work atmosphere and a higher level of communication, which results in a savings for you the customer.

A.I.R. operates on a work force of 10 years plus experience, unless specified different by the customer according to their companies needs. I am not only the President of A.I.R. but I personally have been a structures technician since June of 1984. My company's number one goal is to provide your facility with the most experienced quality technicians in the aircraft industry today.

A.I.R. technical support personnel that are Ontario, Canada residents are covered by us under the Workers Safety and Insurance Board. A.I.R. technical support personnel that are residents of a different province or country are covered under their own W.S.I.B. Location of facility is irrelevant.

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